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By Rich Unger

So you think a DJ and cheap drinks are the answer to making money in your club?  You only get 20 shots out of a bottle, why give them away. Who cares who the DJ is, patrons want the right music to dance to.
Stop copying what every club in your area is doing, it makes you one of many, instead one of a kind. Stop wasting time, money and energy on lame nightclub promotions.

Let me put it this way, People thought Peyton Manning could not throw an interception, look at the Colts VS Pats Championship Game and get back to me.  Pssssst, He threw four, I repeat FOUR interceptions.
The same premise can be applied to your nightly format.  Every club has a dance floor, lights, sound, a DJ or band, but what every club is missing is "THE FUN."  Nightclub Promotions are vital to the success of your club.  I have to shake my head at Club Owners who lay over and let new clubs open without circumventing them.

They also fail to take major steps to take the thunder out of their opening.
You never ever, let a new club open and give them a free pass.
You never ever, lower drink prices because your competition is.
You never ever close more nights, because you can't draw patrons.
You never ever settle for mediocre nightclub promotions.
You never ever let your employees dictate your path.
You never ever give Ladies a night where they drink free.
You never ever listen to radio sales people, they only want the "buy."
You never ever pay a club promoter to pack your club.
You never ever operate without a strategy and game plan.
You never ever read a book to learn nightclub promotions,( how lame)
You always think, plan, promote, present and pack your club with Premier Nightclub Promotions.

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